Frequently asked questions

How many samples can I pull at a time?

We allow up to 15 samples to be pulled at a time determined by the projects pull request

How long can I have samples out for?

We prefer to have samples picked up in full within a week of the project unless otherwise agreed upon. Any pulls not returned within a week of the pick-up date will result in a weekly late fee of $50.

Who is allowed to pull clothing?

We review every pull request that is submitted, everyone is able to submit a request though not all requests will be approved.

Can I make an in-person pull appointment?

Vytal Showroom operates via online pulling with delivery & pick-up service only and does not offer in person pulling at this time.

How much does it cost to pull clothing?

It's free! Once approved you will be given a promo code to use at checkout to pull your wardrobe items at no charge. All we ask is that you cover delivery costs which we offer in 3 flat rates depending on your pull urgency. Rates include cost of both delivery and pick-up. 1. Schedule Delivery | $25.00 (for deliveries scheduled at least 24 hours in advance) 2. Same Day Deliver | $35.00 (for deliveries schedule within 24 hours) 3. Rush Delivery | $45.00 (for delivery scheduled within 2 hours)

Where do you deliver?

We deliver within LA County proper, for a map of our delivery zone visit the bottom of this page.