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A brand that is not tied to the everyday elements that passes through life. Aiming to KNOT be what others believe we are. You are more than what meets the eye. This is.. KnotWTR we are a higher element of the visual representation of who we are. 

We're Knot what always meets the eye. Water is Knot what you always think it is, it can change forms, transform and has many different elements. Water can be in the form of a puddle, pool or ocean. Similar to water you can expand and grow. 

You have many talents that were gifted to you. If you do not neglect your talents then you will shine in this world, but in order to shine we must take the risks first to become who we want to be. That is the vision of KNOTWTR!

What is something that is Knot true that people generalize about you?

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