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Toussaint L'Overture

Moments in history have always had a way of leaving deep impressions that become the catalyst to inspiration. Designer Vision has harnessed this inspiration and has made beautiful pieces but has also turned it into a lifestyle of humanitarian efforts.

Taron graduated from the Art Institute of Hollywood in 2014 when he decided to remain in Los Angeles, but travel all over the country to develop new humanitarian efforts. He found with the current state of the country where racial divide has become a norm, he found he could help shed light on a new perspective and highlight the black experience. Further influencing his designs that became centered around African influences, the civil rights movement, & the fluidity of black expression.


Now in 2018 he has worked on his brand TOUSSAINT, introducing full designs that range from casual wear to dresses fit for a queen. Utilizing symmetrical designs, texturized fabrics, & urban flair, Vision continues to defy the imagination while also staying true to self.