• "manifest ecstasy"
  • two piece long-sleeve
  • constructed from hand cut imported 100% Japanese cotton
  • thermal sleeves
  • mid-weight, 6 oz
  • overlaying triptych patches artwork 
  • embroidered text
  • made in New York City


The inaugural “Palm Youth” collection is based on the sole essence of a palm tree, as a palm grows, old leaf scars form a regular pattern around the trunk. The collection represents this idea in relation to the youth of the world — “Palm Youth”. As a child grows, the world similarly scars the innocence and genuine nature of youth. Every human is pure; it is their experiences in the world which inherently create scars that in return change their entire demeanor towards the world. The message of “Palm Youth” was to reveal this theme through the use of provocative graphics and stimulating silhouettes.

Black Smoke Twofer

Color: White
  • 9LIFE | @9life.us

  • 100% Japanese Cotton