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Fugu is the traditional name for the type of smock worn in northern Ghana on big occasions. We have created a very modern version of the formal suit with winged sleeves finished in exquisite hand detailing. The fabric buttons give it a double breasted look, both a formal and western touch. It is completed by a collarless undershirt with cuffs and dress pants. 


3 piece suit; shirt, pants, and overall. A cross between a double-breasted suit and a smock.



Jacket: 40

Waist: 34

Hips: 42

Inseam: 31

FUGU | 3 Piece Suit

500,00$ 일반가
부가세 포함:
Color: Brown
  • Senyo Foli | @senyo.foli

  • Wool & Poly Blend

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