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Wear all your favorite t-shirts at the same time!


This jacket was made using 9 post-consumer t-shirts. That means you saved these t-shirts from ending up in a landfill. GO YOU!


-Fully Lined

-Side Pockets

-Front Zipper


-Boxy Fit: Size Medium



  • About 40% of clothes are rarely or never worn. A garment is worn just 4 times on average.
  • A cotton t-shirt takes 5 to 6 months to decompose in a landfill.
  • It takes over 650 gallons of water to produce the cotton used to make 1 t-shirt. That's about how much we normally drink over a 3 year period.

'Goldenrod II' Bomber Jacket

340,00$ Prezzo regolare
40,80$Prezzo scontato
IVA inclusa
Color: Gold
  • Cotton


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